Third French Digital Tour

The 3rd French Digital Tour, approved by FIAP, PSA and ISF, comprises three salons: 7th Salon International Image Numérique de Hayange, 2nd Salon International de St Aignan de Crasménil and 11th Salon International de Bagnols Marcoule.


Martin Currie: Sadhu and Gannet Displaying both received three acceptances

Martin Currie - Sadhu

Martin Currie - Gannet Displaying

Martin Currie: Arctic Tern in Flight received two acceptances

Martin Currie - Arctic Tern in Flight


Martin Currie: Puffin with Sandeels and Test Ride at Pushkar Fair both received an acceptance

Martin Currie - Puffin in Flight

Martin Currie - Test Ride at Pushkar Fair