34th Smethwick International Exhibition of Photography 2009


Alan Saunders:
Gannet in Flight; Fighting Ruff; Wild Red Kite in Flight

Alan Saunders - Gannet in Flight

Alan Saunders - Fighting Ruff

Alan Saunders - Wild Red Kite in Flight

Martin Currie:
Sadhu; At the Taj Mahal; Puffin with Sandeels; Feeding Gannets

Martin Currie - Sadhu

Martin Currie - Feeding Gannets

Martin Currie - At the Taj Mahal

Martin Currie - Puffin in Flight

Jon Allanson:
Victorian Tea Time; White Pelican; Misty Morning; Alpine Pasque Flowers; Spring Gentians; Miss Lola Lamour

Jon Allanson - Victorian Tea Time

Jon Allanson - Alpine Pasque Flowers

Jon Allanson - White Pelican

Jon Allanson - Spring Gentians

Jon Allanson - Misty Morning

Jon Allanson - Miss Lola Lamour