Members' work at the 2009 Exhibition - lists and awards

Our Annual Exhibition provided a showcase of members' work. All members had an opportunity to exhibit work of any subject they chose for appreciation by all who visited the Exhibition. 75 slides, and 154 prints (more than ever before), were on display this year, and more than a third of them can be seen on this website. Here are the full lists of work on display, with links to images:

All submitted work was judged by John Smith and he awarded various certificates and trophies. John will return to explain his judging on 24th February.

Here is ongoing material on this website about members' work in our exhibitions:

Best prints

Geoff Robinson

Best Print in Exhibition: From Dawn to Dusk
Best Pictorial Print: Industrial Heritage
Best Portrait Print: Melissa

Geoff Robinson - From Dawn to Dusk

Geoff Robinson - Industrial Heritage

Geoff Robinson - Melissa

Katie Garner

Best Intermediate Print: Lance Armstrong, 7 Times Tour de France Winner

Katie Garner - Lance Armstrong, 7 Times Tour de France Winner



Martin Currie

Best Monochrome Print: Amitav

Martin Currie - Amitav



Barry Pearson

Best Photojournalism Print: Miss Lola Lamour
Best Colour Print: Dancing in the Street
Best Record Print: Pipes

Barry Pearson - Miss Lola Lamour

Barry Pearson - Dancing in the Street

Barry Pearson - Pipes

Alan Saunders

Best Natural History Print: Red Deer Portrait

Alan Saunders - Red Deer Portrait



Best slides

Geoff Robinson

Best Slide in Exhibition: A Slender Lead

Geoff Robinson - A Slender Lead



Martin Currie

Best Portrait Slide: Sadhu
Best Natural History Slide: Puffin with Sandeels

Martin Currie - Sadhu

Martin Currie - Puffin in Flight


Phil Riley

Best Photojournalism Slide: Biaggi

Phil Riley - Biaggi



Gordon Robson

Best Record Slide: Italian Chapel, Orkney Isles
Best Pictorial Slide: Bryce Viewpoint

Gordon Robson - Italian Chapel, Orkney Isles

Gordon Robson - Bryce Viewpoint


Proposed new section in the 2010 Exhibition

We piloted a new "Miss Lola Lamour" section in this year's exhibition to determine its popularity. There appears to be the critical mass needed to go ahead with this new section next year.

The "Miss Lola Lamour" pilot

Joyce Streets: The Singer
Jon Allanson: Miss Lola Lamour
Barry Pearson: Miss Lola Lamour

Joyce Streets - The Singer

Jon Allanson - Miss Lola Lamour

Barry Pearson - Miss Lola Lamour

Barry Pearson