62nd Open Exhibition of Photography 2009, Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport


Phil Riley:
(Slides): Certificate for: Cycling by the Canal





Jon Allanson:
(Digital image): Miss Lola Lamour

Jon Allanson - Miss Lola Lamour



Geoff Robinson:
((Prints): Venetian Beauty;
Millenium Bridge at Night
(Digital image): Boats in Mist

Geoff Robinson - Venetian Beauty

Geoff Robinson - Millenium Bridge at Night

Geoff Robinson - Boats in Mist

Dorothy Redford:
(Print): Trucking;
(Digital image): Off Road Vehicle

Dorothy Redford - Trucking

Dorothy Redford - Off-road Vehicle


Gordon Robson:
(Prints): Millennium Bridge, Newcastle

Gordon Robson - Millennium Bridge



Phil Riley:
(Slides): The Pink Buoy; Anglers on Misty waters



Additional report

Two very proud grandparents attended the opening of the Southport's Annual Open Exhibition on Saturday 7th March. They were there to witness granddaughter Katie collecting two awards for her entry of prints in the Junior Section of this prestigious competition. Katie collected a certificate for a picture of her "Family on Cat Bells" and a trophy (plus £20!) as Second Prize for "Great-Grandma" - quite an achievement for a nine-year old in only her second attempt at competitive photography.

Where does this talent originate? That is the hotly debated question between those grandparents, Tony and Dorothy Redford.

Dorothy had two entries accepted in the senior competition. [See above]. Tony submitted none as he considered his recent work fell short of the required standard. Says it all!

Tony Redford

Awards (Junior Section)

Certficate for: "Family on Cat Bells";
Second Prize for: "Great-Grandma"

Katie receiving her award.

Katie with trophy