7th Digital Master Circuit 2009

This Circuit, approved by PSA and by IIWF, comprises 3 salons: Mattersburg, Modling and Wien


Martin Currie:
Honorable Mention at Wien for: Sadhu

Martin Currie - Sadhu




(The number of accepting salons is given).

Martin Currie:
Sadhu (2)
Pushkar Camel Fair (2)
Village Elder (2)
Dunstanburgh Castle (2)
Flying a Kite (1)
Rajasthani Brothers (1)
Puffin with Sandeels (1)

Martin Currie - Sadhu

Martin Currie - Dunstanburgh Castle

Martin Currie - Puffin in Flight

Martin Currie - Pushkar Camel Fair 2007

Martin Currie - Flying a Kite

Martin Currie - Village Elder

Martin Currie - Rajasthani Brothers