6th German Mega Circuit 2009

There were 6 salons in this international:
6th Laupheim International; 6th Swabian International; 1st Hannover International Photo Salon;
5th Main Spessart International; 5th Bayer International Imaging Salon; 4th Filderstadt Photo Competition


Alan Saunders:
Puffin - Isle of Lunga: 1 Honourable mention
(and going in their A4 size, hard backed, 104 page catalogue)


Alan Saunders - Puffin - Isle of Lunga


Alan Saunders:
Tornado Landing (1)
Oulton Park Racing Car (1)
Speed (1)
Startled Buzzard (1)
Wild Red Kite (2)
Puffin - Isle of Lunga (6)
Coot Landing (1)
Sparrowhawk with Kill (5)
Grey Heron Stalking (1)
Red Kite and Buzzard (2)
Buzzard in Flight (3)

Alan Saunders - Tornado Landing

Alan Saunders - Startled Buzzard

Alan Saunders - Coot Landing

Alan Saunders - Red Kite and Buzzard

Alan Saunders - Oulton Park Racing Car

Alan Saunders - Wild Red Kite

Alan Saunders - Sparrowhawk with Kill

Alan Saunders - Buzzard in Flight

Alan Saunders - Speed

Alan Saunders - Puffin - Isle of Lunga

Alan Saunders - Grey Heron Stalking