Members' work at the 2010 Exhibition - awards

(Although this article identifies the final award winners, images are not yet published for most of the work. So it is expected that this article will be superseded by one showing most or all of the "Best X" images).

Our Annual Exhibition provides a showcase of members' work. All members had an opportunity to exhibit work of any subject they chose for appreciation by all who visited the Exhibition. Despite restricting the entry per worker, (6 prints and/or 6 projected images), we had a very enthusiastic entry, with just over the number of prints we can display. The two extra prints are on display in Poynton Library, along with many others. (There were no slides this year).

All submitted work was judged by Tony Pioli ARPS ABPE and he awarded various certificates and trophies. In the absence of slides, we intend to use slide-trophies, where available, for the corresponding PDI award-winners. Tony will return to explain his judging on 16th February. Here is his choice of the award-winning photographs:

Here is ongoing material on this website about members' work in our exhibitions: