Members' work at the 2010 Exhibition - lists and awards

Our Annual Exhibition provided a showcase of members' work. All members had an opportunity to exhibit work of any subject they chose for appreciation by all who visited the Exhibition. More than 160 PDIs and more than 150 prints will be on display this year, and more than a quarter of them can be seen on this website. Here are the full lists of work on display at the Exhibition:

The prints on display    |    The PDIs on display

All submitted work was judged by Tony Pioli ARPS ABPE and he awarded various certificates and trophies. Tony will return to explain his judging on Tuesday 16 February. Here are lists of work with awards containing links to their images, and the new galleries of all award-winning work:

The prints with awards    |    The PDIs with awards

Gallery of award-winning prints    |    Gallery of award-winning PDIs

Here is ongoing material on this website about members' work in our exhibitions:

Best prints

Geoff Robinson

Rust-ic Charm:
Best Portrait Print +
Best Print in Exhibition

Rust-ic Charm - Best Portrait Print and Best Print in Exhibition - Geoff Robinson

Red Cloisters - Best Intermediate Print - Barclay Marshall

Barclay Marshall

Red Cloisters:
Best Intermediate Print

Gordon Robson

Curber Edge Robin:
Best Natural History Print

Curber Edge Robin - Best Natural History Print - Gordon Robson

Contractor's Break - Best Pictorial Print - Tony Redford

Tony Redford

Contractor's Break:
Best Pictorial Print

Martin Currie

Images of Nepal:
Best Photojournalism Print

Images of Nepal - Best Photojournalism Print - Martin Currie

Hercules slaying the Centaur, Florence - Best Record Print and Best Monochrome Print - Katie Garner

Katie Garner

Hercules slaying the Centaur, Florence:
Best Record Print + Best Monochrome Print

Best PDIs (Projected Digital Images)

Dorothy Redford

Winter Freeze-up:
Best Pictorial PDI + Best PDI

Winter Freeze-up - Best Pictorial and Best PDI - Dorothy Redford

Rush Hours - Best Intermediate PDI - Mariusz Nurkiewicz

Mariusz Nurkiewicz

Rush Hours:
Best Intermediate PDI

Jonathan Bawden

Hoverfly on Hawkbit:
Best Natural History PDI

Hoverfly on Hawkbit - Best Natural History - Jonathan Bawden

Neck and Neck - Best Photojournalism - John Ade

John Ade

Neck and Neck:
Best Photojournalism PDI

Geoff Robinson

Best Portrait PDI

Nicola - Best Portrait - Geoff Robinson

Drinking Fountain - Best Record - Brian Turnbull

Brian Turnbull

Drinking Fountain:
Best Record PDI

Barry Pearson