3rd German Open 2010

This is a 4-Salon Circuit: 3rd Penzberg Open; 2nd Lohr Photostar; 3rd Kirchheim / Tech Open; 3rd Filder Open.
(Numbers in paretheses below identify how many awards or acceptances were achieved for each image).


Martin Currie:
Maternal Instinct (1 honorable mention)
Diving Gannets (1 honorable mention)

Martin Currie - Maternal Instinct

Martin Currie - Diving Gannets



Alan Saunders:
Whooper Swans In Flight (1)
Wild Red Kite (1)
Female Sparrowhawk (4)
Whooper Swans (3)
Wild Red Kite In Flight (2)
Male Sparrowhawk (1)

Alan Saunders - Whooper Swans in Flight

Alan Saunders - Whooper Swans

Alan Saunders - Wild Red Kite

Alan Saunders - Wild Red Kite in Flight

Alan Saunders - Female Sparrowhawk

Alan Saunders - Male Sparrowhawk

Martin Currie:
Feeding the Birds (2)
Sunset at Pushkar Fair (2)
Bhaktapur (2)
Grey Seal Pup (1)
Puffin at Lunga (3)
Mating Damselflies (1)
Diving Gannets (2)
Maternal Instinct (1)

Martin Currie - Feeding the Birds

Martin Currie - Grey Seal Pup

Martin Currie - Diving Gannets

Martin Currie - Sunset at Pushkar Fair

Martin Currie - Puffin at Lunga

Martin Currie - Maternal Instinct

Martin Currie - Bhaktapur

Martin Currie - Mating Damselflies