Awards and acceptances

Barry Pearson

Members' work at the 2014 Exhibition - lists and awards

Our Annual Exhibition provided a showcase of members' work. All members had an opportunity to exhibit work of any subject they chose for appreciation by all who visited the Exhibition.

All submitted work in 2014 was judged by Tony Pioli FRPS, FPAGB, and he awarded various certificates and trophies. Below is his choice of the "Best in Section"  photographs, and here are lists and new galleries of all award-winning work:

Prints with awards    |    PDIs with awards
Gallery of award-winning prints
    |    Gallery of award-winning PDIs

Here is ongoing material on this website about members’ work in our exhibitions:

Best prints

Rob Hockney

Cheetah with one cub
Best Natural History Print +
Best Print in Exhibition

Aamir Sabzwari

Best Monochrome Print +
Best Portrait Print

Barry Pearson

I'm going to get wet
Best Photojournalism Print

Jackie Robinson

The Old Homestead
Best Pictorial Print

John Garner

Best Record Print

Julie Shoesmith

A Well Earned Rest
Best Intermediate Print

Best PDIs (Projected Digital Images)

Graham Johnston

Best Pictorial PDI +
Best PDI in Exhibition

Lynda Hockin

Pray for Redemption
Best Monochrome PDI

Paul Matthews

Dungflies Mating
Best Natural History PDI

Agnes Barlow

Young Entrepreneur
Best Photojournalism PDI

Agnes Barlow

Best Friends
Best Portrait PDI

John Garner

Austin Healey 3000
Best Record PDI

Anthony Berry

Best Intermediate PDI