Guidelines for digital images in Interclub Competitions


This page identifies the core guidelines for digital images in cases where NCPS hosts a PDI (projected digital image) competition. The guidelines are generic, and therefore do not cover topics such as the number of images or the subject matter. (The guidelines are compatible with those for our Annual Exhibition).

Storage medium for handover

Images must be handed over on one of: a USB Drive; a CD, or a DVD. The preference is a USB Drive, because experience shows that this is the most convenient and reliable medium for the competition organisers.

File names

The filenames should be "clubname01.jpg" (and contiguously "...02..." to "...99..." or whatever the number is). "clubname" should have no spaces, and should not start with a number, but otherwise all that matters is that it is unique within the UK. (For example, NCPS01.jpg).

Either there should be no folder, or there should be a single unambiguous folder.

Entry form

Unless otherwise stated, an entry form, supplied on the storage medium in an unambiguous way, should be a text file with one entry per line (in file name order) of the format:
Author tab Title tab file name

For example:
Joe Bloggs tab Masterpiece 1 tab NCPS01.jpg
Anne Whatsit tab Masterpiece 2 tab NCPS02.jpg


The guidelines for the format of JPEGs are at: Guidelines for digital images. That page illustrates a way to validate their format, and it is highly recommended that some such simple and fast check be made. Experience has shown that a significant proportion of images submitted for digital projection have some sort of format error.


(Guidelines published 24 October 2008)