Guidelines for scoring members' work in the Exhibition

The Rules for the Annual Exhibition describe "best in category " and commendations, etc. But the rules don't identify the member's points which are accumulated towards the "Best Performance in the Exhibition". Here are relevant details which have been used for the last few years.

All entries will be assessed (where relevant) for:

Best in Category (there are 5 categories)    5
Very Highly Commended (VHC)   4
Highly Commended (HC)   3
Commended (C)   2
Best Monochrome Print   5
Best Monochrome PDI   5
Best Print in Exhibition   5
Best Projected Digital Image in Exhibition   5

No single image can accumulate more than 10 points.

Each member's points will accumulate towards determining the Best Performance in the Exhibition.

Historical - no longer awarded

Best Colour Print   5
Best Slide in Exhibition   5


(Guidelines first published 14 December 2009. This version published 8 April 2013).