Rules for Rosalind Bramley Competitions - 2013 / 2014 & beyond

Rosalind Bramley:

Rosalind was a well known and respected photographer who died in 1996. She was an excellent monochrome worker with a “seeing eye” that she used to produce impressive images from the shapes and shadows she saw in her surroundings.

John, her husband, asked the club to arrange an Annual Pictorial Monochrome Print Competition in her memory and donated a Cup to be presented to the winner. He wanted the club members to choose the best image.


“Monochrome” means either a black and grey and white print, or a print toned entirely in a single colour. (This does not include a black and white work modified by partial toning or by the addition of one colour).

There is no hard definition of “Pictorial”; members will be asked to exercise their own judgement of what this means when judging the entries.

Up to 3 entries per person are allowed and the images should have been taken in the last 24 months. (Previous entries to this competition are not allowed. However, work that has been entered into other Competitions and the Exhibition is allowed).

The minimum size of prints is 25cm x 20cm. All the prints are to be mounted, one per board. The maximum board size is 50cm x 40cm, and the longest side must be at least 40cm.


Judging will be performed by all of those members present on the evening of the competition. The method of judging is not prescribed by these rules.


(Rules revised 15 May 2013).