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Constitution and rules

This document combines the constitution, the policy for child and vulnerable person protection, and all sets of rules for members' competitions:


By default, this gives 3 A4 sides in landscape format, but these can be reduced to 2 sides, for example printed on both sides of a single sheet.

Forms and templates

Entry forms for Clubworker Competitions and the Annual Exhibition may be available on paper for those who want them. However, members are encouraged to use the following documents to edit and print entry forms on their computers:

The rules identify information to be provided on the backs of prints. This may be done by hand, but members are encouraged to use these documents to edit and print labels for the purpose. The labels to be used are 8-on-A4, freely sold at stores supplying computer stationery (and sometimes available per-sheet from NCPS).

Here is the membership application form. Applicants may simply print it and write on it, but preferably they will fill it in using a word processor and then print it, to make it easier to read accurately.

Projector profile

This is the profile from the latest calibration of our Canon XEED SX60 projector: