2013 Exhibition - awards for prints

Work is ordered by award then surname then given name. "VHC" = "Very Highly Commended", etc.

Title Author Award
The Escape Artist Jackie Robinson BestPictorialPrint + Best Print in Exhibition
Cumbrian Farmer Dorothy Redford Best Portrait Print
F16 of Netherlands Display Team Barry Pearson BestPhotojournalismPrint
Woodland Wraith Jackie Robinson BestMonochromePrint
Cab, Stanier Black Series Geoff Robinson Best Record Print
Wild Rabbit Observing Alan Saunders Best Natural History Print

Brad Tokley Rye House Raider Graham Johnston VHC
Coming in to Harbour Jackie Robinson VHC
A Look at the Recent Past Tony Redford VHC
Sunflowers Jackie Robinson VHC
Fading Away Tony Redford VHC
Ruff Joyce Streets VHC
Greylag in Flight Alan Saunders VHC
Evening Rendevous Dorothy Redford HC
Shelter Dorothy Redford HC
Past Elegance Dorothy Redford HC
Red Grouse Paula Martin HC
Rainbow over Llangynidr Mike Thornton C
Wastwater Keith Meredith C
Double Rainbow Joyce Streets C
The Matterhorn Trevor Rogers C
Talacre Lighthouse Mike Thornton C
Waiting Trevor Rogers C
Stormlight over Oxford Tony Redford C
Walking the Wave Joyce Streets C
Summer Chrysanthemums Lisa Mullins C
Poverty Agnes Barlow C
Lago di Predil, Slovenia Jackie Robinson C
Impala enjoying welcome drink Christine Bedwin C
Gannet Couples Paula Martin C
Sand Martin Alan Saunders C
Buffalo and Oxpecker Paula Martin C