Report on the Southport "Who are the champions?" Competition

This took place on Monday 19 January 2009 - 1st external competition of the new year. 9 Members made the journey over to Southport on quite a miserable evening.

9 clubs entered the competition with each club providing 11 digital images from 11 different authors. The Judge Rod Wheelan had viewed them previously.

The Southport competition is very different from others in that it is scored using football jargon ie 1st round is the YOUTH TEAM, 2nd round is 2nd DIVISION and so on until it reaches PREMIER LEAGUE. All in all there are 9 rounds, and then an overall winner. Each round sees 11 images knocked out.

North Cheshire had an image knocked out in each round until the 8th round when the remaining 4 were k.o’d.

Wigan 10 went on to win the competition (which is no surprise) One of their images was overal winner. North Cheshire came a very respectable 4th.

Special mention to new member Paula Martin whose image Hippopotamus was one of the 4 knocked out in the 8th round.

We hope members interest in these external competitions will continue enabling us to show other clubs how good we are!

Joyce Streets