Results of the Great British Cup 2010 competition

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Paula Martin - Dawn over Empire State


Judging and the weather!

Extracts from the message from Rod Wheelans:

Well, due to the weather, everything did not go exactly to plan but we still got the GB Cup (Small Clubs) and GB Cup (Open) done.

Of the nine judges booked to do the job only 3 made it. Russ & Barbie Lindsay plus Anne Greiner who I keep in my house for such situations. We tried, at short notice, to get two PAGB listed judges from nearby Cumbria but they couldn't get here either. Everybody tried the best they could but really it was impossible.

Libby Smith had come to operate the projection system but we delegated that job to her husband Neil. Libby was drafted in as a judge. (We are grateful to Dumfries CC and Carluke CC who agreed to withdraw from the GB Cup Open so that we could use their members, Libby and Anne, to judge it.)

So, despite everything, we had excellent judging teams and the GB Cup (Small Clubs) is judged by Anne Greiner MPAGB, Barbie Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP and Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP whilst the GB Cup Open is judged by Anne Greiner MPAGB, Russell Lindsay MPAGB EFIAP and Libby Smith MPAGB EFIAP


North Cheshire PS came equal 23rd out of the 93 clubs remaining when Dumfries and Carluke withdrew. Wigan 10 came first.

Geoff Robinson Misty Morn 12
Ian Bramham The Dying of the Light 12
Martin Currie Dawn Bathing in the Ganges 11
Paula Martin Dawn over Empire State 11
Geoff Robinson Duplicity 11
Ian Bramham Storm Warning Morecambe Bay 11
Geoff Robinson Nicola 10
Jonathan Bawden It's Good to Talk 10
John Garner Meeting Place 10
Dorothy Redford Surf Street 10
Jon Allanson Victorian Teatime 10
Tony Redford Close Inspection 9
Jackie Robinson Misty Morning 9
Geoff Robinson Millenium Bridge 9
Jackie Robinson Spire in the mist 9
Graham Johnston Reflections of Liverpool 7
Karen Leefe Fishing 7
Graham Johnston Lines and Curves 7