Interclub competition results

Meeting and event reports

Bill Chadband

Keswick Weekend 5-6 November 2010

We had good weather for this North vs South Photographic Competition in the Portinscale Village Hall on Saturday 5th November. The Lakeland colours were marvelous and the Saturday bright and sunny for a good day’s walk and a good day’s photography. Most of our 30+ NCPS contingent arrived for the evening meal on the Friday, where they met some of the dozen or so South Manchester Club members.

Jack Bamford welcomed the eight clubs taking part, and announced that, as the images of the prints would now be projected on a large screen, we would not be putting them around the room afterwards. Only the winning Club’s prints would be laid out on a table in the anteroom, where tea/coffee would be served at the end of the evening. He welcomed Judge Richard Spiers (back by popular request!). Richard, in turn, thanked Jack for his organization of the event and hoped it was not his (Richard’s) fault that Dumfries Club had dropped out! Richard had constructive remarks to make about all of the eighty prints he was judging and did so in a lighthearted manner. Richard is an animal lover and was concerned about the two parrots, sitting on a perch, wondering why they smelt of fish. But he was equally concerned that landscapes showed the Magic of Light, that the right choice of paper (Matt, Gloss, Lustre) should help the image. In particular he noted that a high gloss paper helped ice crystals in an image to sparkle. Sometimes a monochrome format assisted the image, but always he felt that images should have some point of sharpness which helped determine where the eye should dwell in an image. An old-type portrait was very appealing, until he noticed rivets on the handbag, making it not-so-old after-all. Several Bird pictures had him enthralled; and he remarked, in passing, that the most common Owl was undoubtedly the Teet Owl. He saw one every morning at breakfast time. He was concerned when his wife paid £60 for eight legs of venison at the weekend. He felt this was too dear.

When the results were totted up Carluke PS were again declared the winners with 252 marks. NCPS came a gallant 5th with 235 marks, narrowly being beaten by Sth Manchester Club with 237 marks.

Jack Bamford thanked the Judge for his excellent work; NCPS for providing the refreshments, and the audience for attending. The dinner, for those staying at the Derwentwater Hotel would be served at 7.30pm. The Derwentwater Hotel was again an excellent base for the weekend, and though the labels on the door were covered up this reporter is pleased to announce that he had a Premier room!!

Club totals

Club Total (out of 300)

Carluke P.S.

252 first

Ayr P.S.


Hartlepool P&DG


South Manchester P.S.


North Cheshire P.S.


West Cumbria P.G.

Keswick C.C.


Tyneside Digital I.G.


Our scores (in order of judging)

Title Author Score (out of 30)

Dark Eyes

Tony Redford


Feeding the Birds

Martin Currie


Venetian Mask

Dorothy Redford


Greylag in Flight

Alan Saunders


It's Not Fair

Jackie Robinson


The Stowaway

Geoff Robinson



Geoff Robinson


Limestone Pavement

Paula Martin


Flower Power

Jackie Robinson



Dorothy Redford