Interclub competition results

Meeting and event reports

Bill Chadband

The Competition with Chapel-en-le-Frith Camera Club

Wednesday 16th February saw a dozen NCPS members arrive at Chapel’s venue, the Conservative Club in Hayfield, for the annual club battle. Judge Dave Hollows from Sale Club stated his approach at the outset. Images nowadays were nearly always technically sound and of good composition, so that a Judge necessarily looked for small distractions or faults in an effort to differentiate the images. And a judge’s general approach to photography or understanding of an image would inevitably show through. We had a range of insect pictures where Dave looked for sharpness and a non-distracting background.

“Dark Eyes” was the first Print up. Dave remarked that it was a striking head portrait, with the black eyes suggesting that she might indeed have been struck! 15 marks were awarded. Tony Redford was restrained from walking out at that point. “Autumn Glow” was an impressionist type image but Dave felt it lacked a centre of interest in the large gap between the central trees. Graham and the selection chair take note! Despite these set-backs, at the end of the Print section, honours (and the scores) were even.

Following suitable liquid refreshment at the bar, the PDI part of the competition began. As with the prints we were familiar with many of the images from our Annual Interclub competition. So it was doubly interesting to see how a new judge would rate the images. Dave Hollows was consistent in his approach and comments, to which few could object. As in the first half he kept several images back to finally award them either 19 or 20 marks. When the scores were finally announced we discovered that Chapel had won the PDI section by four marks (and hence the whole competition by the same amount). The Chapel President, and then our President both thanked the judge for his efforts, and Graham thanked Chapel for another well-run completion. We had failed again to beat them, but there was always next year to set our sights on!


1 Dark Eyes Tony Redford 15      
2 Clematis Dorothy Redford 20      
3 Emily with her Kitten Karen Leefe 15      
4 Flower Power Jackie Robinson 18      
5 Pensive Geoff Robinson 18      
6 Limestone Pavement Paula Martin 19      
7 Shelduck in Flight Alan Saunders 18      
8 Autumn Glow Graham Johnston 14      
9 Perch Rock Lighthouse Ian Bramham 16      
10 Foot and Mouth Barry Pearson 17      
    Total 170       Chapel CC 170


1 Grevy's Zebras at Sunset Paula Martin 16      
2 Sheep and Kinder Low Trevor Rogers 17      
3 Venice Vision Dorothy Redford 17      
4 Nude David Hockin 14      
5 Ichneumon Fly and Cow Parsley Jonathan Bawden 19      
6 Summer's Evening Jackie Robinson 16      
7 Abandoned Boat Ian Bramham 15      
8 Gannet in Flight Alan Saunders 19      
9 Magenta Geoff Robinson 19      
10 Kittiwake on Nest Jon Allanson 18      
    Total 170   Chapel CC 174