A history of the Rosalind Bramley Competitions

Rosalind was a well known and respected photographer who died in 1996. She was an excellent monochrome worker with a “seeing eye” that she used to produce impressive images from the shapes and shadows she saw in her surroundings.

John, her husband, asked the club to arrange an Annual Pictorial Monochrome Print Competition in her memory and donated a Cup to be presented to the winner. He wanted the club members to choose the best image.

? (No information available for history before 2000).
2000-2001 Winning print: "Spiral Stairs" by Dorothy Redford
Rosalind Bramley Trophy
2001-2002 (No information available)
2002-2003 Winning print: by Stuart Forbes
The Rosalind Bramley Pictorial Monochrome competition
2003-2004 Winning print: by Dorothy Redford
The Final Meeting Tuesday 4th May
2004-2005 Winning print: "Spanish Shapes and Shadows" by Jill Hargreaves LRPS.
Rosalind Bramley Monochrome Pictorial Competition - Winner
2005-2006 Winning print: "The Window at Pompeii" by Jill Hargreaves
Winner of Rosalind Bramley Trophy 2006
2006-2007 Winning print: "Steps" by Gordon Robson
Rosalind Bramley Trophy Competition 2007
2007-2008 Winning print: "On the Beach" by Colin Pickles
Rosalind Bramley Competition
2008-2009 Winning print: "Lines and Curves" by Graham Johnston
Rosalind Bramley Competition 2009
2009-2010 Winning print: "Perch Rock Lighthouse" by Ian Bramham
The Rosalind Bramley competition
2010-2011 Winning print: "The Boat, Lindesfarne" by Jackie Robinson
Rosalind Bramley competition – top 6
2011-2012 Winning print: "Monsal Dale" by Graham Johnston
Rosalind Bramley Monochrome Competition 8 May 2012
Results – Rosalind Bramley Trophy
2012-2013 Winning print: "Cellarium Shadows" by Alan Saunders
Rosalind Bramley Competition 23rd April 2013
Scores: Rosalind Bramley Competition 23 April 2013
2013-2014 Winning print: “Lyme Hall” Mike Thornton
Rosalind Bramley Competition 29 April 2014