Intermediate, Natural History and Open PDIs
The Potter  by  Paula Martin - Commended
Stefan  by  Geoff Robinson - Commended
Grey Heron in Flight  by  Alan Saunders - VHC (NH)
Female Blue Tailed Damsel Fly  by  Jonathan Bawden - VHC (NH)
Wild Red Kite Diving  by  Alan Saunders - HC (NH)
Autumn's Child  by  Jackie Robinson - Best Portrait
Pale Blue Chevron Racer  by  Geoff Robinson - HC
Whooper Swans in Flight  by  Alan Saunders - HC (NH)
Black Headed Gull  by  Jonathan Bawden - HC (NH)
Red Grouse at Higger Tor  by  Jackie Robinson - HC
Ponte Vecchio, Florence  by  Ian Bramham - HC
Razorbill flexing  by  Alan Saunders - VHC (NH)
Rowter Farm  by  Jonathan Bawden - Commended
Hurdles  by  Lisa Mullins - VHC
Male Siskin  by  Paula Martin - Commended (NH)
Eve in Window Light  by  Jackie Robinson - Best Monochrome
Stag  by  Christine Bedwin - HC
Made up  by  Dorothy Redford - Commended
Gannet in Flight  by  Graham Johnston - HC (NH)
Lurcher Race  by  Paula Martin - VHC
The Tree  by  Jackie Robinson - Best Pictorial - Best in Exhib.
Swan Feather  by  Tony Redford - HC
Eileen Donan  by  Roger Dye - Best Record
Winsome  by  Geoff Robinson - HC
Blackpool Beach, the Roller Coaster  by  Ian Bramham - HC
Alone at Sunset  by  Danny Hurley - Commended
Misty Morn  by  John Garner - Commended
Leucistic White Kite  by  Alan Saunders -  HC (NH)
Damsel Fly  by  Jonathan Bawden - VHC (NH)
Steps  by  Martin Currie - Commended
Water Jump  by  Graham Johnston - Best Photojournalism
Gannet with Grass  by  Paula Martin - VHC (NH)
Fiddlers Ferry at Dusk  by  Ian Bramham - Commended
Barleyfield Sunrise  by  Jackie Robinson - VHC
Union Soldier  by  Geoff Robinson - VHC
Llandudno Pier  by  Ian Bramham - VHC
Wasps Nest  by  Jonathan Bawden - Best Nat.Hist.
Early Ski  by  John Ade - HC
Kittiwake and Chick  by  Joyce Streets - Commended (NH)
Beached Sculpture  by  Roger Knight - HC
Reflections  by  Sue Knight - Commended
The Pineapple  by  Sue Knight - Commended
Wash Day  by  Agnes Barlow - Best in Category
Sunset, Koper  by  Agnes Barlow - VHC
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