Successful Digitally Projected Images
"The Girl on the Gate" - Jackie Robinson  Best Pictorial
"Bittern in Reed Habitat" - Alan Saunders  Best Nat Hist
"Olympic Fencer" - Noel Patterson   Best Photojournalism
"Loose Wheel Nuts" - Mike Thornton  Best Record
"Don't Mess With Me" - Barry Pearson   Best Portrait
"Lost in Thought" - Jackie Robinson   Best Mono
"Mam Tor Mist" - Jackie Robinson  VHC
"Falstaff in Flight" - Barry Pearson   VHC
"In Memory of a Great Friend" - Jackie Robinson   HC
"Conference Call" - Barry Pearson   HC
"Spin at County Hall" - Danny Hurley   HC
"Beauty and the Beast" - Paula Martin  HC
"The Salute" - Noel Patterson   HC
"Roses" - Dorothy Redford   HC
"The Undertakers" - Joyce Streets   HC
"Olympic Final" - Noel Patterson   C
"Mel 4" - Roy Cheetham   C
"Motocross in the Rain" - Graham Johnston    C
"Learning Early" - Agnes Barlow   C
"In Charge" - Geoff Robinson   C
"Horses at Pott Shrigley" - Jackie Robinson    C
"Lurcher Hurdles" - Paula Martin    C
"Desert Pinnacles" - Gordon Robson    C
"Co-ordinated" - Geoff Robinson   C
"Red Kite in Flight" - Alan Saunders  HC  Nat Hist
"Male Siskin" - Alan Saunders  HC  Nat Hist
"Great Skua on Nest" - Alan Saunders  HC  Nat Hist
"Fallow Deer" - Joyce Streets   HC   Nat Hist
"Seal" - Joyce Streets  C  Nat Hist
"White Red Kite" - Graham Johnston  C  Nat Hist
"Male Emperor Dragonfly" - Alan Saunders   C  Nat Hist
"The Girl on the Gate" - Jackie Robinson   Best Overall DPI
ID Plate