Successful PRINTS
"Wild Rabbit Observing" - Alan Saunders     Best Nat Hist.
"F16 of the Netherlands Display Team" - Barry Pearson     Best Photojournalism
"Cab, Stanier Black Series" - Geoff Robinson     Best Record
"Cumbrian Farmer" - Dorothy Redford     Best Portrait
"Woodland Wraith" - Jackie Robinson     Best Mono
"Brad Tokley, Rye House Raiser" - Graham Johnston     VHC
"Fading Away" - Tony Redford     VHC
"Sunflowers" - Jackie Robinson     VHC
"A Look at the Recent Past" - Tony Redford     VHC
"Coming Into Harbour" - Jackie Robinson     VHC
"Past Elegance" - Dorothy Redford     HC
"Shelter" - Dorothy Redford     HC
"Evening Rendevous" - Dorothy Redford     HC
"Lago di Predil, Slovenia" - Jackie Robinson     C
"Poverty" - Agnes Barlow     C
"Summer Chrysanthemums" - Lisa Mullins     C
"Walking the Wave" - Joyce Streets     C
"Stormlight over Oxford" - Tony Redford      C
"Waiting" - Trevor Rogers     C
"Talacre Lighthouse" - Mike Thornton     C
"Matterhorn" - Trevor Rogers     C
"Double Rainbow" - Joyce Streets     C
"Wastwater" - Keith Meredith     C
"Rainbow over Llangynidr" - Mike Thornton     C
"Greylag in Flight" - Alan Saunders     VHC     Nat Hist
"Ruff" - Joyce Streets     VHC     Nat Hist
"Red Grouse" - Paula Martin     HC     Nat Hist
"Sand Martin"  Alan Saunders     C     Nat Hist
"Gannet Couples" - Paula Martin     C     Nat Hist
"Impala Enjoying a Welcome Drink" - Christine Bedwin     c     Nat Hist
"Buffalo and Oxpecker" - Paula Martin     C    Nat Hist
-The Escape Artist- - Jackie Robinson     Best Pictorial & Best in Exhibition
ID Plate