"Best" images in 2012-13 Clubworker Competitions
1st Intermediate Print Competition: Iceburg at Dusk by Alan Hinchliffe
1st Advanced Print Competition: Coming in to Harbour by Jackie Robinson
1st Intermediate PDI Competition: Splashdown by Alan Hinchliffe
1st Advanced PDI Competition: Sunrise from Mam Tor by Paula Martin
2nd Intermediate Print Competition: Me and my Sheep by Alan Hinchliffe
2nd Advanced Print Competition: End of the Line by Geoff Robinson
2nd Intermediate PDI Competition: Wait by Alan Hinchliffe
2nd Advanced PDI Competition: In motion by Noel Patterson
3rd Intermediate Print Competition: St Peter's, Rome by Eric Hart
3rd Advanced Print Competition: Setting off on the train by Jon Allanson
3rd Intermediate PDI Competition: New South Wales Harbour by Tony Berry
3rd Advanced PDI Competition: White Tailed Sea Eagle by Alan Saunders