Romiley Club Exhibition, 6 prints & 10 PDIs
Prints: Tony Redford - A Look at the Recent Past
Prints: Noel Paterson - In Motion
Prints: Jackie Robinson - Patience
Prints: Dorothy Redford - Tulips
Prints: Alan Saunders - Wild Rabbit
Prints: Paula Martin - Windswept
PDIs: Jackie Robinson - Back Tor Mists
PDIs: Jackie Robinson - Coming into Harbour
PDIs: Joyce Streets - Cormorant
PDIs: Yvonne St Cyr - Female Kingfisher with catch
PDIs: Yvonne St Cyr - Grey Heron
PDIs: Ian Bramham - Homeward Bound
PDIs: Roy Cheetham - Nicky
PDIs: Geoff Robinson - Night Encounter
PDIs: Joyce Streets - The Joker
PDIs: Alan Saunders - White Tailed Sea Eagle