Successful PDIs
"Friends", Brian Turnbull (C)
"South Bank Boarder", Dorothy Redford (HC)
"Ready for the Road", Dorothy Redford (HC)
"Flamingo", Anthony Berry (Best Intermediate)
"Sunrise on Anglesey", Gordon Robson (HC)
"Goldthorpe Dribblers", John Garner (VHC)
"Fallow Deer", Dave Osborne (HC)
"Penmon Lighthouse", Dave Shandley (VHC)
"Western Belle 3, Evening, Ullswater", Brian Bower (C)
"Short Eared Owl", Paul Matthews (VHC)
"Male Orangetip", Paul Matthews (VHC)
"Male Kingfisher", Paul Matthews (VHC)
"Greyhounds Racing", Paul Matthews (VHC)
"Victory", Noel Patterson (VHC
"Dungflies Mating", Paul Matthews (Best Natural History)
"Sun Breaking Through", Gordon Robson (C)
"Midland Hotel Morecambe", Dave Hockin (HC)
"Bee Eater", Joyce Streets (HC)
"The Joy of Singing", Tony Redford (C)
"Clouds over Chrome", Jackie Robinson (HC)
"Mist in the Meerbrook Valley", Paul Matthews (C)
"Early Walkers", Tony Redford (C)
"Best Friends", Agnes Barlow (Best Portrait)
"Young Entrepreneur", Agnes Barlow (Best Photojournalism)
"Pray for Redemption", Lynda Hockin (Best Monochrome)
"Watching", Brian Turnbull (C)
"Puffin Landing", Paula Martin (C)
"Chateau Le Moulin", Brian Bower (C)
"Sleepy", June Lown (HC)
"Detail, Wells Cathedral", Tony Redford (VHC)
"We are coming for you", Barry Pearson (HC)
"Seagull", Paula Martin (C)
"Beached", Jackie Robinson (C)
"Male Red Grouse Calling", Yvonne St Cyr (C)
"Aegean Sunrise", Dee Steane (C)
"Wild Rabbit", Yvonne St Cyr (HC)
"High Flyer", Dave Shandley (C)
"Wheelie", Graham Johnston (Best Pictorial + Best in Exhibition)
"At the Ghats, Varanasi", Jon Allanson (VHC)
"Skaters Waltz", John Ade (HC)
"Nakita", Roy Cheetham (VHC)
"Austin Healey 3000", John Garner (Best Record)