Successful Prints
"Sage Hall Gateshead", Gordon Robson (C)
"Seals on Jokulsarlon Glacial  Lake", Mike Lown (HC)
"Lest we Forget", Roy Cheetham (C)
"Grecian Icon", Gordon Robson (C)
"Robin  (NH)", Alan Saunders (HC)
"Watching and Waiting", Lisa Mullins (C)
"Balinese Boy", Agnes Barlow (VHC)
"The Chieftain", Agnes Barlow (HC)
"Greylag (NH)", Graham Johnston (C)
"The Old Shed", Jackie Robinson (C)
"Cheetah and cubs", Rob Hockney (C)
"Cheetah with one cub", Rob Hockney (Best Natural History + Best in Exhibition)
"Patience", Jackie Robinson (VHC)
"Plaything", Jackie Robinson (VHC)
"Two ladies on the train", Jon Allanson (VHC)
"A Well Earned Rest", Julie Shoesmith (Best Intermediate)
"Cellarium Shadows", Alan Saunders (C)
"It wasn't Me!", Jackie Robinson (HC)
"Criccieth Sunset", Dave Shandley (C)
"Yesteryear", Geoff Robinson (HC)
"Anguish", John Garner (Best Record)
"Llanddwyn", Mike Lown (C)
"Literally Overfaced", Tony Redford (HC)
"Hydrangea", Lisa Mullins (HC)
"Gannet Greeting", Graham Johnston (VHC)
"I'm Going to get Wet", Barry Pearson (Best Photojournalism)
"Gannett over Stormy Sea", Barry Pearson (C)
"European Brown Hare", Joyce Streets (HC)
"Standing Room Only", Barry Pearson (HC)
"The Old Homestead", Jackie Robinson (Best Pictorial)
"Keeping Ahead", Graham Johnston (HC)
"The Guardian", Colin Pickles (C)
"Deep Sorrow", Tony Redford (HC)
"BladeRunner", Noel Patterson (HC)
"Sea of Mist, Dove Valley", Jackie Robinson (HC)
"Great to be Back", Tony Redford (HC)
"Spooked", Noel Patterson (HC)
"Suspicion", Barry Pearson (VHC)
"Winter Training, Henley ", Mike Thornton (C)
"Steps", Brian Turnbull (C)
"Thaddeus", Aamir Sabzwari (Best Mono + Best Portrait)
"Chapel American  Airforce Acadamy- Colorado", Dave Osborne (C)
"Toledo Cathedral", Dave Osborne (C)
"Ghost Train", Sue Knight (VHC)